GMRV :: Grupo de Modelado y Realidad Virtual

Modeling and Virtual Reality Group

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The GMRV (Grupo de Modelado y Realidad Virtual) is a group formed by researchers of the University Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) and the University Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). It is composed of 32 researchers (15 phd) and 25 research assistants distributed between both universities and counts with an important set of equipment dedicated to the development of VR applications and high performance computation.

The mission of this group is to create a team able of proposing, planning and developing sophisticated applications and algorithms within the framework of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in these areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Visualization
  • Simulation
  • Advanced learning 

pursuing a vertical integration of the elements involved: universities, private companies and public institutions.
Since its creation, the group has participated in more than 25 research projects of various kinds, financed by public or private entities. This research has enabled GMRV to achieve a high production of scientific-technical publications.

Technology transfer has been another of the pillars on which the activity of the group has been based, registering 4 patents and establishing solid collaborations with companies (e.g. GMV, NextLimit, ACCIONA, EADS-CASA, Tecnatom, ABADIA, etc.) and organisms or public entities (for instance, Hospital La Paz, Hospital Gregorio Marañón, etc.).

During this period, GMRV has fostered international partnership establishing collaborations of scientific and educative nature with institutions and groups of recognized international prestige.

More recently, GMRV has been incorporated into the Blue Brain project (, focusing their activity towards the extraction, management, visualization and simulation of more complete and accurate models of the morphology and connectivity of neurons that make up the cortex.

Among our teaching activities, is 

Master en Informatica grafica, juegos y realidad virtual (26/04/2018)