GMRV Publications

Publications in 2014
Sofia Bayona, Kash Akhtar, Chimnay Gupte, Roger JH Emery, Alexander L. Dodds, Fernando Bello
The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Volume 96, Number 13, page e112 (1--7) - jul 2014
Publications in 2012
Chimnay Gupte, Sofia Bayona, Roger JH Emery, Alexandra Ho, Abdul-Rasheed O. Rabiu, Fernando Bello
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, British Volume, Volume 94, Number SUPP XXXIX, page 203 - sep 2012
Publications in 2011
Chimnay Gupte, Sofia Bayona, Fernando Bello, Roger JH Emery
The Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics - 2011

Chimnay Gupte, Fernando Bello, Roger JH Emery, Sofia Bayona
The 23th congress of the European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and the Elbow will take place in Lyon under the Presidency of Gilles WALCH. - Lyon, 2011 2011