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Parametric Skeletons with Reduced Soft-Tissue Deformations

Javier Tapia, Cristian Romero, Jesus Perez, Miguel A. Otaduy
Computer Graphics Forum - 2021
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We present a method to augment parametric skeletal models with subspace soft-tissue deformations. We combine the benefits of data-driven skeletal models, i.e., accurate replication of contact-free static deformations, with the benefits of pure physics-based models, i.e., skin and skeletal reaction to contact and inertial motion with two-way coupling. We succeed to do so in a highly efficient manner, thanks to a careful choice of reduced model for the subspace deformation. With our method, it is easy to design expressive reduced models with efficient yet accurate force computations, without the need for training deformation examples. We demonstrate the application of our method to parametric models of human bodies, SMPL, and hands, MANO, with interactive simulations of contact with nonlinear soft-tissue deformation and skeletal response.

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