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Scaled radial axes for interactive visual feature selection: A case study for analyzing chronic conditions

Alberto Sánchez, Cristina Soguero-Ruiz, Inmaculada Mora-Jimenez, Francisco Javier Rivas-Flores, Dirk J. Lehmann, Manuel Rubio-Sánchez
Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 100, page 182-196 - jun 2018
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In statistics, machine learning, and related fields, feature selection is the process of choosing a smaller subset of features to work with. This is an important topic since selecting a subset of features can help analysts to interpret models and data, and to decrease computational runtimes. While many techniques are purely automatic, the data visualization community has produced a number of interactive approaches where users can make decisions taking into account their domain knowledge. In this paper we propose a new visualization technique based on radial axes that allows analysts to perform feature selection effectively, in contrast to previous radial axes methods. This is achieved by employing alternative scaled axes that provide insight regarding the features that have a smaller contribution to the visualizations. Therefore, analysts can use the technique to carry out interactive backwards feature elimination, by discarding the least relevant features according to the information on the plots and their expertise. Our approach can be coupled with any linear dimensionality reduction method, and can be used when performing analyses of cluster structure, correlations, class separability, etc. Specifically, in this paper we focus on combining the proposed technique with methods designed for classification. Lastly, we illustrate the effectiveness of our proposal through a case study analyzing high-dimensional medical chronic conditions data. In particular, clinicians have used the technique for determining the most important features that discriminate between patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

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