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Real-time animation of human characters’ anatomy

Aaron Sujar, Juan J. Casafranca, Antoine Serrurier, Marcos J. García-Lorenzo
Computers & Graphics, Volume 74, page 268-277 - August 2018
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The animation of articulated characters is a central problem in the computer graphics field. Skeletal animation techniques define a workflow which has proven to be effective for boundary representations (B-Reps). This paper extends the classical skeletal animation pipeline to deal with characters internal tissues. In contrast to most common approaches, the proposed technique automates all the stages of this workflow. Well known skinning algorithms, such as Linear Blending Skinning, Dual Quaternion Skinning or Optimized Centers of Rotation were adapted to allow the use of our technique in applications where interactivity is required. The pipeline proposed in this paper can be used in many computer graphics systems such as games or educational applications to visualize and animate the internal anatomy of a virtual character at interactive rates.

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