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HOM3R: A 3D Viewer for Complex Hierarchical Product Models

Daniel Gonzalez, Maria Cuevas, Carlos Garre, Luis Molina, Arcadio Reyes
Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, Volume 14, Number 3 - 2017
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We present HOM3R, a novel 3D viewer designed to manage complex industrial product models. The viewer includes a JavaScript API to interface with existing or new browser-based applications. We extend state-of-the art interaction techniques and introduce a novel navigation metaphor to navigate around complex products using constrained trajectories. To address the challenge of discovering and accessing the parts of the complex object, which are not visible, a set of occlusion management techniques have been implemented. The viewer presents other useful features such as hierarchical part selection and linking of information to 3D geometry. A user-centred evaluation of the tool has been carried out and is described in the paper.

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