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DYVERSO: A Versatile Multiphase Position-Based Fluids Solution for VFX

Iván Alduán, Ángel Tena, Miguel A. Otaduy
Computer Graphics Forum - 2017
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Many impressive fluid simulation methods have been presented in research papers before. These papers typically focus on demonstrating particular innovative features, but they do not meet in a comprehensive manner the production demands of actual VFX pipelines. VFX artists seek methods that are flexible, efficient, robust, and scalable, and these goals often conflict with each other. In this paper we present a multiphase particle-based fluid simulation framework, based on the well known Position-Based Fluids (PBF) method, designed to address VFX production demands. Our simulation framework handles multiphase interactions robustly thanks to a modified constraint formulation for density contrast PBF. And it also supports the interaction of fluids sampled at different resolutions. We put special care on data structure design and implementation details. Our framework highlights cache-efficient GPU-friendly data structures, an improved spatial voxelization technique based on Z-index sorting, tuned-up simulation algorithms, and two-way-coupled collision handling based on VDB fields. Altogether, our fluid simulation framework empowers artists with the efficiency, scalability and versatility needed for simulating very diverse scenes and effects.

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