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A Virtual Physiological Human Model for Regional Anaesthesia

Victor Voski, Andreas Herrler, Elena Zaitseva, Miroslav Kvassay, Yuen Law, Remi Bessard , Aaron Sujar, Marcos J. García-Lorenzo, Erik Smistad, Thomas Deserno
Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) Conference 2016, page 1-4 - September 2016
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Current methods for teaching regional anaesthesia (RA) do not consider patient-specific anatomy and therefore have limited capabilities. Developing a virtual reality based simulator and assistant device for training and performing RA requires virtual physiological human (VPH) models. Commercial models such as Zygote and Anatomium are insufficient due to inconsistency, lack of anatomical correctness, and missing structures like the fascia. We collected a variety of imaging data including individual computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to build a VPH model that is composed of anatomical structures, physical properties such as needle resistance, and functional features (vessel bending in pulse frequency). The model is applied for RA simulation and assistance

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