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RADIANCE—A planning software for intra-operative radiation therapy

Javier Añaños, Raúl Rodríguez, Samuel Rodríguez-Bescós, Dolores Lardíes, Pedro Guerra, María J. Ledesma, Andres Santos, Paula Ibáñez, Marie Vidal, José M. Udías, Miguel A. Otaduy, Juan A. Calama, Juan López-Tarjuelo, Juan Antonio Santos-Miranda, Manuel Desco, Verónica García-Vázquez, Eugenio Marinetto, Javier Pascau, Felipe A. Calvo, Carlos Illana
Translational Cancer Research, Volume 4, Number 2, page 196--209 - 2015
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In the last decades accumulated clinical evidence has proven that intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT) is a very valuable technique. In spite of that, planning technology has not evolved since its conception, being outdated in comparison to current state of the art in other radiotherapy techniques and therefore slowing down the adoption of IORT. RADIANCE is an IORT planning system, CE and FDA certified, developed by a consortium of companies, hospitals and universities to overcome such technological backwardness. RADIANCE provides all basic radiotherapy planning tools which are specifically adapted to IORT. These include, but are not limited to image visualization, contouring, dose calculation algorithmsPencil Beam (PB) and Monte Carlo (MC), DVH calculation and reporting. Other new tools, such as surgical simulation tools have been developed to deal with specific conditions of the technique. Planning with preoperative images (preplanning) has been evaluated and the validity of the system being proven in terms of documentation, treatment preparation, learning as well as improvement of surgeons/radiation oncologists (ROs) communication process. Preliminary studies on Navigation systems envisage benefits on how the specialist to accurately/safely apply the pre-plan into the treatment, updating the plan as needed. Improvements on the usability of this kind of systems and workflow are needed to make them more practical. Preliminary studies on Intraoperative imaging could provide an improved anatomy for the dose computation, comparing it with the previous pre-plan, although not all devices in the market provide good characteristics to do so. DICOM.RT standard, for radiotherapy information exchange, has been updated to cover IORT particularities and enabling the possibility of dose summation with external radiotherapy. The effect of this planning technology on the global risk of the IORT technique has been assessed and documented as part of a failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA). Having these technological innovations and their clinical evaluation (including risk analysis) we consider that RADIANCE is a very valuable tool to the specialist covering the demands from professional societies (AAPM, ICRU, EURATOM) for current radiotherapy procedures.

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