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Interactive Deformation of Heterogeneous Volume Data

Rosell Torres, José Miguel Espadero, Felipe A. Calvo, Miguel A. Otaduy
6th International Symposium on Biomedical Simulation, Volume LNCS 8789 - August 26th, 2014 2014
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This paper presents a method to interactively deform volume images with heterogeneous structural content, using coarse tetrahedral meshes. It rests on two major components: a massively parallel algorithm for the rasterization of tetrahedral meshes, and a method to define a coarse deformable tetrahedral mesh from the homogenization of a fine heterogeneous mesh. We show the potential of the method for training and planning applications through two examples: an abdominal CT exploration and the alignment of breast CT and MRIs.

Images and movies

CTandMRI_deformed.png [583Ko]
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