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TimeMesh: Producing and evaluating a Serious Game

Pedro Latorre Andrés, Jorge Lopez-Moreno, Francisco Serón Arbeloa, Carlos Vaz de Carvalho
XV International Conference on Human Computer Interaction 2014 - 2014
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Serious Games are speci cally designed to develop mental abilities and skills such as strategy, mental calculation and decision making but the acquisition of deep knowledge is less well understood. The SELEAG (Serious Learning Games) engine is a multiplayer graphical adventure system, inspired by the 90s graphic adventures created by LucasArts. This engine has been used to implement the Serious Game TimeMesh, designed to impart knowledge and competences in the area of History and Geography. To test the acquisition of knowledge with Timemesh a complete process of evaluation was needed, divided in three parts, always with user intervention: rst, with the game developer partners, then with teachers and last but most important with students. In this paper we present our experience in designing, implementing and evaluating Timemesh as well as the related activities in three european and spanish projects dedicated to this subject. Then we present in detail the results of an evaluation session with students from a school in a small town in Spain and formulate the conclusions.

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