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Strain Limiting for Soft Finger Contact Simulation

Alvaro G. Perez, Gabriel Cirio, Fernando Hernandez, Carlos Garre, Miguel A. Otaduy
Proc. of World Haptics Conference - April 2013
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The command of haptic devices for rendering direct interaction with the hand requires thorough knowledge of the forces and deformations caused by contact interactions on the fingers. In this paper, we propose an algorithm to simulate nonlinear elasticity under frictional contact, with the goal of establishing a model-based strategy to command haptic devices and to render direct hand interaction. The key novelty in our algorithm is an approach to model the extremely nonlinear elasticity of finger skin and flesh using strain-limiting constraints, which are seamlessly combined with frictional contact constraints in a standard constrained dynamics solver. We show that our approach enables haptic rendering of rich and compelling deformations of the fingertip.

Images and movies

aperez_whc13.png [1.4Mo]
aperez_whc13_frictional_contact.png [136Ko]
aperez_whc13_linear_vs_nonlinear.png [271Ko]
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