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Neural Data Exploration with Force Feedback

Laura Raya, Miguel A. Otaduy, Marcos J. García-Lorenzo
V Ibero-American Symposium on Computer Graphics (SIACG 2011) - june 2011
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The behavior of the brain depends to a large extend on its neural structure. Therefore, understanding this neural topology is a high-priority research line for neurobiologists. Due to complexity of the brainís neural structure, visual representations look tangled, and extracting knowledge from them is a difficult task. In this work, we propose the use of multimodal interfaces to enhance neurobiologistsí understanding of neural data. Our system is based on four pillars: a stereo rendering module, a camera control system, a visual aid unit, and a haptically constrained navigation tool. We observe that haptically aided navigation helps neurobiologists analyze the brainís topology. Our system uses stylus-based haptic devices with two purposes: they provide a natural interface to deal with 3D data (controlling camera motion) and they constrain the userís motion. The system was built trying to keep user interactions as intuitive as possible.

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