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Controlling Deformable Material with Dynamic Morph Targets

Nico Galoppo, Miguel A. Otaduy, Will Moss, Jason Sewall, Sean Curtis, Ming C. Lin
Proc. of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games - feb 2009
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We present a method to control the behavior of elastic, deformable material in a dynamic simulation. We introduce dynamic morph targets, the equivalent in dynamic simulation to the geometric morph targets in (quasi-static) modeling. Dynamic morph targets define the pose-dependent physical state of soft objects, including surface deformation and elastic and inertial properties. Given these morph targets, our algorithm then derives a dynamic model that can be simulated in time-pose-space, interpolating the dynamic morph targets at the input poses. Our method easily integrates with current modeling and animation pipelines: at different poses, an artist simply provides a set of dynamic morph targets. Whether these input states are physically plausible is completely up to the artist. The resulting deformable models expose fully dynamic, pose-dependent behavior, driven by the artist-provided morph targets, complete with inertial effects. Our deformable models are computationally efficient at runtime through modal reduction and pose-space polynomial interpolation. These models can therefore be plugged into existing dynamic simulation engines, either forming interactive, deformable content in real-time games or providing secondary dynamic effects for kinematically-driven characters in feature animation films. Finally, our method also facilitates certain time-consuming rigging procedures, by providing a physically based approach to resolve co-articulation deficiencies in traditional skinning methods, such as in shoulder regions, fully automatically.

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