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Physically Based Animation of Sea Anemones in Real-Time

Juan José Aliaga, Caroline Larboulette
Proceedings of the 25th Spring Conference on Computer Graphics - apr 2009
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This paper presents a technique for modeling and animating fiber-like objects such as sea anemones tentacles in real-time. Each fiber is described by a generalized cylinder defined around an articulated skeleton. The dynamics of each individual fiber is controlled by a physically based simulation that updates the position of the skeleton's frames over time. We take into account the forces generated by the surrounding fluid as well as a stiffness function describing the bending behavior of the fiber. High level control of the animation is achieved through the use of four types of singularities to describe the three-dimensional continuous velocity field representing the fluid. We thus animate hundreds of fibers by key-framing only a small number of singularities. We apply this algorithm on a seascape composed of many sea anemones. We also show that our algorithm is more general and can be applied to other types of objects composed of fibers such as seagrasses.

Images and movies

exponent_white.jpg [147Ko]
fiber_rendering_white.jpg [106Ko]
momentum_white.jpg [123Ko]
patterns.jpg [992Ko]
plants.jpg [477Ko]
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AnemonasDory_1.avi [1.5Mo]
keyframing.avi [1Mo]
phyllotaxis.avi [1.2Mo]
swimingDory.avi [1.7Mo]
swimingThrow.avi [4Mo]
textures.avi [2.7Mo]

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